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Reef /Saltwater Beginner to Seasoned Hobbyist. We must start somewhere and learning never ends. This is for those who still want to learn and just starting out. A group where questions are welcome with no judgement. A place to enjoy other enthusiast who appreciate the same hobby.

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A starting point for new saltwater hobbyists.

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An ask and answer board that covers all saltwater fish topics.


A forum to discuss different species of Corals.


A Forum to discuss the care of invertebrates and Plants

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Allard's Clownfish
16 September 2017

Allard’s Clownfish

Twobar Anemonefish, Allard’s Anemonefish Family: Pomacentridae Allard’s Clownfish – Quick Aquarium Care Aquarist Experience Level: Beginner Aquarium Hardiness:...

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